The 4 Most Common Massage Therapies

In recent times, massage therapies have become more and more popular and loved. The reason for this is obvious; massages are known to provide every individuals with comfort and relaxation. Although, there are many different types of massages available, here are the massages that are most loved by the majority of people.

1.     Swedish Massage

This is the most popular kind of massage therapies available at wellness centers, spas, gyms, and clinics. The main goal of this massage is to use long strokes that focus on healing certain areas of your body. The 5 basic strokes in this massage are petrissage (rolling, kneading, lifting), friction (small circular motions), vibration (shaking and rocking movements), effleurage (smooth long strokes), and tapotement (percussion). This massage is the ideal option for those that want to release all tensions from their bodies

2.     Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a modification of the Swedish massage that infuses massage oil with essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plant parts or flowers and are known to have healing powers. For example, the lavender and rose oils are known for their relaxation ability. Although every single one of the oils have their own unique properties, there is a chance that your masseuse has pre-blended an oil blend for you to provide you with ultimate energy, and relaxation so you can be uplifted.

3.     Deep Tissue Massage

Just like its name, the main target of this massage is to go into the deep layers of your muscle and connective tissues so all the muscle knots can be undone. Your masseuse will be using slow strokes or friction directly on top of your muscles. This way the relaxation will be focusing on any tight/painful muscles, postural issues, injuries, or repetitive strain. The pressure used in this massage is more intense as compared to the Swedish massage, but it is not painful. The best candidates for this massage would be those that have chronic pain, injuries, or those that have troubles moving.

4.     Hot Stone Massage

Your masseuse will place smooth, warm stones on the painful areas of your body and he/she will hold the stones while you are being massaged. The stones used in this massage are basalt (this is a “volcanic rock” that preserves heat). The warmth these stones give off have the ability to loosen your tighten muscles so the masseuse can massage on them for ultimate comfort.

However, if you have any health issues like diabetes, varicose veins, high blood pressure, or a heart disease, you need to talk to your doctor before opting for this massage. Similarly, if you are on medication that is thinning your blood, consult your doctor.

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