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7 Advantages of Getting A Massage

In a fast paced and busy world, it is important to take time out from your busy schedule to indulge in a little “me time.” Although many people decide to go on a stay-cation, others go for a dip in a pool, whereas some opt for massages. Aside from providing your body with ultimate relaxation, massages are known to have endless advantages. Even though the sole purpose may be to get instant pain relief, if massage practices are done consistently, they can bring many benefits to your health.

Here is everything you can achieve from massages:

1.     Ultimate relaxation for the body

A hot stone or a Swedish massage is the perfect combination of heat and pressure that can provide ultimate relaxation to painful muscles. If your body feels worn out or too stiff from ongoing tensions, you will need to get one of these massages.

2.     Banish headaches

Despite what type of headache you may be suffering from, massages can alleviate them. Medical research has shown how getting regular massages and staying consistent with massages can reduce and even eliminate the headache issue.

3.     Experience less joint pain

A common issue amongst many individuals would be chronic joint pain. Moreover, pregnant women face this issue mostly, which is why doctors have started recommending massage therapy. Getting a massage regularly will relieve pains.

4.     No more anxiety worries

There are at least 40 million people in the world that suffer from a type of anxiety. This mental issue is one of the most common one and is responsible for the most mental health expenses as well. Luckily, with the help of massage therapy, it is possible to reduce the stress hormones in the body, which will automatically decline the symptoms of anxiety.

5.     Lessen back pains

Another common medical complaint would be continuous back pains. Multiple studies have proven how getting massage will reduce the requirement of painkillers in the body by 36%. It is also true that massage is more beneficial for treating back pains as compared to acupuncture and chiropractic practices.

6.     Improves flexibility

Because the issue of stiffness is recurring, people are unable to reach their desired level of flexibility. This issue makes it hard to excel at sports or freely do exercises. Therefore, getting a massage will target your body’s flexibility so you can enjoy life freely.

7.     Relieves insomnia

If you ask any individual about their sleeping habits, at least one thirds will reply with “falling asleep and staying asleep is a hard task.” Since sleep is such a crucial factor in life, it is important to resort to ways that will allow an individual’s sleep to be healthy all year long. Studies have proven that getting weekly massages can reduce insomnia significantly. Moreover, since many health issues happen because of sleep (prone to depression and a weak immune system), opting for massage is crucial.


With these noted advantages come many others as well. This is the reason why massage therapy has rapidly increased in the world. If you want to improve your quality of life, just get a massage!

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Best Massages From Around the World

Frequent travelers know how hard it can be hopping on one plane to another. With the constant rush of getting everything packed on time to catching the flight can lead to great physical and mental stress. Therefore, it is important to opt for a safe escapade when these travelling individuals land in their destinations. Here is a breakdown of the best massages around the world.

Swedish Massages

Contrary to popular belief, the Swedish massage did not originate in Sweden. Moreover, it was not even invented by a Swede. A Dutch practitioner incorporated basic strokes with French names to create this massage.

This massage is best known for its ability to soothe frictions using stokes, rubs, and kneads and strikes on the human body with different levels of pressure. Moreover, it is ideal for those that exercise regularly or even athletes, as it can loosen the lactic acids in the body and promote blood circulation.

African Rungu

This massage was first introduced in South Africa, but it is rapidly spreading across the region. The Rungu stick is a symbol of the warriors, which is why it is special.

This massage is done with the help of the Rungu stick so pressure can penetrate deeper into the muscles for better and more effective pain relief. The stick is then moved in circular fashion over the problem areas, which releases tension from within the tissues. Moreover, it promotes blood circulation.

Japanese Shiatsu

Although, acupuncture and herbalism is a form of ancient China, the Japanese brought this into their nation, incorporated their own techniques, and created this massage method.

The meaning of Shiatsu is “finger pressure” which means this massage is all about applying the right amount of pressures to the painful areas. There are many variations of this massage (like cupping and acupuncture). However, the goal is to create a balance in the body.

Hot or Cold Stone Massages

There are different variations of this massage available, but its roots come from Arizona.

The thing to remember when opting for this massage is that the temperature of the stone must be chemically connected with the body temperature. Every therapist has their own way of performing this massage, and sometimes it is even incorporated with others for best results.

Thai Massages

This massage has been around for many generations, but has been modified as time has gone on.

For this, there is movement required from the therapist and receiver. It includes high-pressure rubbing and kneading, but in some cases, the therapist has to move on the body to give the best results. Sometimes the sound of bones cracking is also audible!


Created with intense Indian influence, this head massage has been around for many generations.

In this massage, the therapist uses oils on the head and begins kneading the head, applying pressure on the temples. They slowly move towards the shoulders, neck, and hands. This allows the body to restore its energy and release tensions.


Next time you land, make sure you opt for one of these recommended massages to experience the best time in your destination and so you can stay relaxed.

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The Most Popular Massages

Recently, massages have become more and more popular. The reason for this is that massages provide every person with endless relaxation and comfort. Even though, there are many different types of massages available, each one is suited for every person’s individual needs. With so many massages, it is important to know the most popular ones.

1. Deep Tissue Massages
Similar to its name, the target of the deep tissue massage is to get into the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues so the muscle knots can be untied. The massage therapist will use friction or slow strokes on top of your muscles to relieve pains. This massage focuses on fixing postural issues, repetitive strain, injuries, and painful/tight muscles. The pressure used in this massage therapy is much more intense compared to the others, but it does not cause pain or discomfort. If you are someone who has chronic pains, troubles moving, or injuries, you are the best candidate.

2. Swedish Massages
At spas, clinics, gyms, and wellness centers, the Swedish massage is the most popular kind of massage. The goal of this massage is to use longer strokes so it can focus on healing certain pains of your body. The 5 strokes used in this massage are friction (small circular motions), tapotement (percussion), effleurage (smooth long strokes), petrissage (rolling, kneading, lifting), and vibration (shaking and rocking movements). This massage is ideal because it releases tensions from your entire body.

3. Aromatherapy Massages
Aromatherapy massage is a modified version of the Swedish massage because this massage uses essential oils. These essential oils are extracted from flowers or plant parts and they are known to have healing powers. For example, rose and lavender oils have the ability to relax your body. Even though every single oil has its own properties, there is a chance that the massage therapist has a pre-blended oil that will provide you with uplifted feelings and energized.

4. Hot Stone Massages
This form of massage uses warm (slightly hot) stones to relieve pains. The massage therapist will place smooth, somewhat hot stones on the painful parts of your body while massaging you. The stones used in this massage are basalt (these are volcanic rocks that preserve heat). The warmth preserved in these stones have the ability to loosen your tight muscles while the massage therapist is massaging your body.
However, if you are suffering from issues like varicose veins, heart diseases, diabetes, or high blood pressure, you will need to talk to your doctor before getting a massage. Similarly, if you are taking any mediation that may be thinning your blood, you will need to consult your doctor again.

These are the top 4 massages that are popular all around the world. If you have never opted for a massage, make sure you opt for the most popular ones.

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The 4 Most Common Massage Therapies

In recent times, massage therapies have become more and more popular and loved. The reason for this is obvious; massages are known to provide every individuals with comfort and relaxation. Although, there are many different types of massages available, here are the massages that are most loved by the majority of people.

1.     Swedish Massage

This is the most popular kind of massage therapies available at wellness centers, spas, gyms, and clinics. The main goal of this massage is to use long strokes that focus on healing certain areas of your body. The 5 basic strokes in this massage are petrissage (rolling, kneading, lifting), friction (small circular motions), vibration (shaking and rocking movements), effleurage (smooth long strokes), and tapotement (percussion). This massage is the ideal option for those that want to release all tensions from their bodies

2.     Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a modification of the Swedish massage that infuses massage oil with essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plant parts or flowers and are known to have healing powers. For example, the lavender and rose oils are known for their relaxation ability. Although every single one of the oils have their own unique properties, there is a chance that your masseuse has pre-blended an oil blend for you to provide you with ultimate energy, and relaxation so you can be uplifted.

3.     Deep Tissue Massage

Just like its name, the main target of this massage is to go into the deep layers of your muscle and connective tissues so all the muscle knots can be undone. Your masseuse will be using slow strokes or friction directly on top of your muscles. This way the relaxation will be focusing on any tight/painful muscles, postural issues, injuries, or repetitive strain. The pressure used in this massage is more intense as compared to the Swedish massage, but it is not painful. The best candidates for this massage would be those that have chronic pain, injuries, or those that have troubles moving.

4.     Hot Stone Massage

Your masseuse will place smooth, warm stones on the painful areas of your body and he/she will hold the stones while you are being massaged. The stones used in this massage are basalt (this is a “volcanic rock” that preserves heat). The warmth these stones give off have the ability to loosen your tighten muscles so the masseuse can massage on them for ultimate comfort.

However, if you have any health issues like diabetes, varicose veins, high blood pressure, or a heart disease, you need to talk to your doctor before opting for this massage. Similarly, if you are on medication that is thinning your blood, consult your doctor.

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