Does Massage Even Work?

Before getting a massage, people usually wonder “does massage even work?” We leave the final decision up to you, but it is true that massage therapy has endless benefits.

The most common benefits are mentioned below:

Alleviates Stress

Whether you are getting a sports massage or a relaxation massage, your stress levels will be lower for longer periods.  This will benefit you thru increased energy levels will, less pain, and enhanced physical/emotional moods.

Intensive Muscle Relaxation

The main goal of massage therapy is to focus on the areas of your body that are aching. This will relieve tension from those muscles, improve your flexibility and provide  relaxation to your entire body.

Massage therapy is also known to release endorphins into your body, which leads to a boost in the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body. These beneficial hormones help your body emotionally and physically. While they deal with pain management and they promote healing, they will definitely calm your nerves.

Better Circulation

The long-term benefits of massage therapy should never be underestimated. Those who get massage therapy consistently will benefit from better blood circulation. The reason why better circulation is so important is because rich blood heals the tense, stiff, and damaged muscles.

Relieving muscle tensions improves blood circulation to your injured or affected muscles. This way, there is more oxygen and nutrients getting to your damaged tissues. When there is “increased activity” in these affected areas, there is less swelling and stiffness in your joints and muscles.

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