Dr. Kent Ferguson, D.C.

When there is a game or sporting event on, he has to watch.  It is impressive to see someone master a shot, stroke, dive etc. It takes a great deal of skill and dedication to do this. Athletic competition is what drew Dr. Ferguson to health care in the first place. Dr. Ferguson particularly likes to play basketball. During one of his high school basketball seasons he began to experience ankle and foot pain. His injury prevented him from participating with his team’s games and practices.  It kept him from doing something he loved to do.  This experience gave Dr. Ferguson a pretty good idea of what he wanted to do in life. He wanted to help people continue to do the activities or sports which they loved for as long as they wanted. For some this means participating in team sports or individual sports. For other this means gardening or enjoying their children and grandchildren. Dr. Ferguson saw that a healthy and properly functioning body is the only way to achieve this goal. Knowing this Dr. Ferguson focused his education to gain the knowledge necessary to help him help others. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. In order for any person to be healthy they must control their physical, chemical and emotional stresses. This means maintaining posture, reducing repetitive stress, paying attention to what they eat, supplementing appropriately and finding a way to manage responsibilities. Dr. Ferguson’s practice is wellness oriented, helping his patients prevent injury by maintaining their health through sound chiropractic principles.

Dr. Phillips Ly, D.C.

Dr. Phillips Ly was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated from Archbishop O'Leary high school. Following high school, Dr. Phillips went on to get his bachelor of science at the University of Alberta in 2006. He then enrolled in Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas. Dr. Ly found that chiropractic was the right career for him and he excelled in his studies and graduated with honours in August 2009 and has been practicing since July 2010. Dr. Phillips has been working in the customer service industry for over half his life in many different jobs and has always loved working with people. He looks forward to educating as many as possible on health and wellness so that they may live a long healthy life.

Dr. Mohamed Rahall, B. Kin, D.C

Dr. Mohamed Rahall was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated from the University of Alberta with his Bachelors of Kinesiology degree and a major in sport performance in June of 2016. Dr. Mohamed then went on to complete his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California in December of 2019 where he excelled in his studies making the Dean's List in multiple quarters during the tenure of his education. Dr. Mohamed has always had a passion for the rehabilitation field and felt that chiropractic was the right field for him to go into. Living in the Bay Area was not only an incredible experience for schooling, but enjoying all of what Northern California has to offer. Dr. Mohamed has an incredible interest in all sports, and his interests include playing basketball, working out, and hanging out with his family and friends.

Alexei Oleinikov, RMT

Alexei is an experienced massage therapist who originally trained at CCMH in Toronto.He has a passion for providing massage focused on stress and tension relief. He believes, when the mind is rested we can improve every aspect of our lives. Alexei has worked in various settings including spa's, rehabilitation centers and chiropractic clinics. His approach to massage is to always listen to the client and then listen with his hands when working on the body. He understands that every client is different. Alexei utilizes a variety of Swedish techniques along with other techniques to provide a unique treatment for each client. Alexei offers:
  • advanced therapeutic massage (according to your conditions)
  • sports massage, PNF, joint mobilizations
  • meridian hot stone massage therapy
  • pre/post natal treatments
  • myofascial release
  • lymphatic drainage
  • trigger point therapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • aromatherapy
  • luxurious relaxation massage,
  • antistress treatment

Pearl Mertins – Wiens, RMT

Pearl graduated from Macewan University in 2015 with a diploma in Massage Therapy. Through university, she received training in many different fields including: Relaxation Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal and Infant Massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Hydrotherapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Sports Massage, Joint Mobilizations and basic exercise and rehabilitation protocol. Pearl grew up in a small town in the country, south of Camrose. After attending cross country provincials in her senior year of high school, she aspired to be in sports medicine and help people recover from common injuries that she, and others alike had faced during training and exercising such as: plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendonitis. In addition, Pearl has experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents such as whiplash. Pearl believes that taking care of your body is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and helps clients relieve themselves of the stress and aches and pains that we get in everyday life. When she isn’t working, Pearl loves long-distance running, weightlifting, and spending time with her family, along with her cats, Pheonix and Waffles.

Chandelle Murray, RMT, Yoga Instructor

Chandelle grew up dancing competitively. Her huge passion for dance led her to become a teacher, where she taught many different styles of dance, as well as yoga & vaulting. Teaching approx. 25-30 classes a week, Chandelle wanted to increase her knowledge on how the body moves and functions. She then decided to take the Massage Therapy course, where she graduated with honors. She has been working at a home-base business for the last year, and has just recently moved to Edmonton where she will continue doing massage, and teaching yoga. Chandelle has a passion for helping people to understand their body to prevent injuries, as well as finding solutions to release hypertonic muscles through massage. Her goal as a RMT is to help everyone function pain free and to the best of their ability!
During her free time, Chandelle loves to go horseback riding, circus training,
 and watching her brother compete with the Canadian Olympic Skeleton team.

Lauren Wig, B.Sc, TCM, R.Ac

Lauren completed her bachelor of science degree at the UofA in 2014 and after personally experiencing the benefits of Chinese medicine she enrolled in the Acupuncture program at Grant Macewan university. She received her R. Ac (registered acupuncturist) designation in March of 2017. Lauren utilizes a combination of acupuncture, tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, moxabustion and Gua sha in her practice. She is also certified in the NADA detox protocol. Lauren has a special interest in sports injury and musculoskeletal dysfunction, as well as anxiety and stress management. In her free time Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and coaching gymnastics. She has a passion for TCM and healthcare and looks forward to helping others improve their quality of life

Meg Oechslin, MSc, Registered Dietitian

Meg embraces a holistic approach to nutrition coaching, offering support and guidance to help clients balance their diet, nourish their health and achieve specified goals. She weaves together the science of nutrition and the art of nourishment in a unique and practical way. Food, nutrition and wellness have been her passion and purpose for decades. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to grow life giving food, create wholesome meals, share nourishing food and celebrate healthy eating for a living.  Meg’s mission as a registered dietitian and nutrition coach is twofold. First is to enlighten others about the power of food and nutrition in health and healing. Second, to inspire others to eat more mindfully, taking genuine care to nourish and respect their body, mind and soul.  Meg received a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics/Dietetics from Valparaiso University, Indiana, and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle. She is currently licensed with The College of Dietitians of Alberta. She complements her nutrition coaching practice cooking at a local retreat centre, preparing meals and nourishing guests. When she is not focusing on the nutritional well-being of her clients, guests and family, she enjoys biking, swimming, traveling, reading, writing, ice skating and celebrating time with friends.  

Angela Brooks, Pilates Instructor

Angie Brooks is a certified Pilates instructor based out of Leduc, Alberta.  Angie has studied and practiced Pilates for the past 16 years, training under various instructors all over the globe.  As a professional acrobat, she integrated Pilates into her physical training program.  Angie has performed in various productions, touring with Disney, Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone.  Through the practice of Pilates, Angie was able to maintain a healthy and balanced body, supporting her performance schedule.  Angie also enjoys integrating Pilates to perform daily tasks.  The supportive and efficient movement creates a balance within the body.  Angie enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, assisting individuals to build a foundation, supporting them through everyday movement and assisting athletes to enhance their performance.  

As an instructor, Angie works with the body through movement, focusing on alignment and core support.  She offers modifications to assist individuals reach personal goals; engage muscles, recover from pregnancy, ease pain, age with mobility, challenge core support, find balance and control.  

At Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, Angie offers private mat, standing and modified Pilates sessions. 

Adisha Antoine, Office assistant

Adisha was born and raised on an island in the Caribbean called Grenada. Though she can't get used to cold winters she does enjoy the Canadian summers. Adisha attended the Practical Nurse(LPN) program at Norquest College and has worked within the health care system. In her hours after work here at the clinic, she continues to serve others with her amazing hair art @HairbyAdisha. Her hobbies include, reading, painting, travelling, nature adventures and cuddles with her favorite dog boy #GoldenGus.

Sharon Orescan, Office Assistant

I retired from the University of Alberta February 1, 2018 after 41 plus years of service.  I took some time off to complete projects around my house and enjoyed a summer off working in my garden and all the festivals the city has to offer.  By the end of the summer I realized I needed to do something more especially with winter coming on so decided a part time job was in order.  An amazing part time job at the Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic caught my attention.  I try to stay healthy and truly believe in the value of a holistic approach which includes a chiropractor, massage therapist and the use of acupuncture.  This job was part time and  a perfect fit for me!

I enjoy gardening, music, movies, art projects and travel to name a few.  Working part time allows me time for my projects while working, learning and meeting new people.  I look forward to being of service to people seeking good health.

Karen Eigler , Office Manager

My work history is very multi-faceted.  I grew up with a family owned restaurant which was my first exposure to serving the public and got a taste of the immediate positive feedback you can experience when providing excellent service.  I continued in various customer care positions through out the past 35 years in roles such as co-owning a roofing company, direct sales, managing a wellness centre and many years in telecommunications industry.  I have been fortunate to be recognized with several awards in various service industries as I truly enjoy helping people.  From the age of 27 I have done direct sales of quality wellness products on the side.  Being involved with these companies was not all about income but equally the positive community, the constant personal development and of course getting great products at cost. I have always had a strong interest in and a preference to natural forms of health and wellness for my own personal care so this clinic and the philosophies here has been a terrific fit for me and I have enjoyed working here since 2010. My hobbies have included getting certified in different energy healing modalities. I have certificates in Level 3 Reiki, Level 2 Quantum Touch and Level 2 Emotional Freedom Technique.  Music and dance are a huge part of my life.  I can often be found out dancing til the last song of the night in a local deep house music club.

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