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Best Massages From Around the World

Frequent travelers know how hard it can be hopping on one plane to another. With the constant rush of getting everything packed on time to catching the flight can lead to great physical and mental stress. Therefore, it is important to opt for a safe escapade when these travelling individuals land in their destinations. Here is a breakdown of the best massages around the world.

Swedish Massages

Contrary to popular belief, the Swedish massage did not originate in Sweden. Moreover, it was not even invented by a Swede. A Dutch practitioner incorporated basic strokes with French names to create this massage.

This massage is best known for its ability to soothe frictions using stokes, rubs, and kneads and strikes on the human body with different levels of pressure. Moreover, it is ideal for those that exercise regularly or even athletes, as it can loosen the lactic acids in the body and promote blood circulation.

African Rungu

This massage was first introduced in South Africa, but it is rapidly spreading across the region. The Rungu stick is a symbol of the warriors, which is why it is special.

This massage is done with the help of the Rungu stick so pressure can penetrate deeper into the muscles for better and more effective pain relief. The stick is then moved in circular fashion over the problem areas, which releases tension from within the tissues. Moreover, it promotes blood circulation.

Japanese Shiatsu

Although, acupuncture and herbalism is a form of ancient China, the Japanese brought this into their nation, incorporated their own techniques, and created this massage method.

The meaning of Shiatsu is “finger pressure” which means this massage is all about applying the right amount of pressures to the painful areas. There are many variations of this massage (like cupping and acupuncture). However, the goal is to create a balance in the body.

Hot or Cold Stone Massages

There are different variations of this massage available, but its roots come from Arizona.

The thing to remember when opting for this massage is that the temperature of the stone must be chemically connected with the body temperature. Every therapist has their own way of performing this massage, and sometimes it is even incorporated with others for best results.

Thai Massages

This massage has been around for many generations, but has been modified as time has gone on.

For this, there is movement required from the therapist and receiver. It includes high-pressure rubbing and kneading, but in some cases, the therapist has to move on the body to give the best results. Sometimes the sound of bones cracking is also audible!


Created with intense Indian influence, this head massage has been around for many generations.

In this massage, the therapist uses oils on the head and begins kneading the head, applying pressure on the temples. They slowly move towards the shoulders, neck, and hands. This allows the body to restore its energy and release tensions.


Next time you land, make sure you opt for one of these recommended massages to experience the best time in your destination and so you can stay relaxed.

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  1. Emma William
    Emma William says:

    Hi Kent!
    Thanks for sharing these different types of massage therapies around the world. Before this post, i only knew about the Thai Massage. So, it has actually added to my knowledge. Great Effort, keep it up!


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