Rules of Getting Massages

Although, you will be opting for a massage to get ultimate relaxation, there still are a few responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to be vocal about your experience so you can get the maximum benefits out of this session.

You need to tell your masseuse if it feels good or if the pressure needs to be stronger. In addition, keep in mind, hurting is not “ok” unless you want it to hurt. Getting regular massages are supposed to relieve you from all bodily pains.

If you want the most benefits out of your massage, here are the rules you need to follow:

Slacking is Acceptable

This is your time to be relaxed and loose. Go in ultimate relaxation mode and trust your therapist. If you fall asleep, good! This means the massage was good and effective.

Keep Breathing

You have probably heard this before, but we will repeat it again. Breathing properly will definitely heighten the results you are getting. Moreover, it will make the purification process better and provide you with more relaxation. Since you will be getting regular massages, practice your breathing.

Time to Let Go

Give your body’s controller to the therapist. Give him/her the right to move your body the way they want to. You must not move until and unless you are told to.

No Thinking, Just Feeling

Go into the massage session with a clear mind. Everything floating in your mind needs to wait until the session is over. When you are in your massage room, the only thing that needs to matter is the power of feel. Moreover, if something feels uncomfortable, feel free to tell the masseuse.

“No Pain, No Gain”

Massages are not supposed to be painful. Since there will be muscle knots in your body, when the masseuse is trying to relieve them, you might feel a little pain. You just need to keep your body firm, but let your masseuse know if it gets too painful for you.

Embrace All Feelings

People feel all kinds of emotions during their massage sessions. While some laugh, others tend to cry. If this happens, this means that your emotional tensions are also being relieved.

Be Vocal

When you are getting your massage, you are in charge. If you feel that there need to be adjustments made, make sure you are vocal about it. Your masseuse will be waiting for your feedback, so do not be shy.


You must be placed in a position that enables utmost relaxation. No need to bend your body or be on one side, you just need to be comfortable. Although, sometimes some muscles are contracted, just try to relax your body as much as you can.


With these massage rules in your mind; you will be able to get the most benefits out of one massage session. Keep in mind, if you want long-term benefits, you will need to get regular massages.

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