Massage as a Medicine for Back Pain

Often considered a luxury, massage has now been viewed as an alternative form of modern medicine. It has abilities to lessen stress, pain and increase an individual’s wellbeing. The benefits that people are receiving from this are long term, which is attracting more and more people. Massages are given according to each individual’s needs as it can eliminate chronic pains, depression, and insomnia and can speed up sport injuries.

Ultimate relaxation and easing pain are the two basic things that massage does. The benefits that are received during a massage are endless. For over a thousand years, Japan and China have been using it as a method of healing. Today, hospitals in China prescribe their patients massage therapy for a healthy recovery. Slowly but surely, this trend is getting to the United States as doctors have started to recommend massages alongside treatments.

Root of the Pain

The neck and back are one of the most complex structures of the human body. These two parts are prone to injuries and spasms. This can often result into physical and psychological pain. While acute lower back pain can resolve with little or no intercession, chronic pain requires treatment . Chronic lower back pain is pain that lasts for longer than 6 weeks, while acute back pain lasts for less than 6 weeks.

Although, there are many massages that can be done to relieve back pain, the most recommended are circulatory massage and Thai massage.

How It Works

Circulatory Massage

The technique used in circulatory massage relaxes muscles by applying pressure to the right areas of the body. In this massage, the painful areas must be rubbed in the direction the blood flows back toward the heart. There are five types of strokes used in this massage. These include:

  1. Long, smooth strokes
  2. Strokes that are done in a kneading manner
  3. Strokes that are very rhythmic and systematic
  4. Deep, firm and circular strokes
  5. Vibration and vigorous shaking strokes

Thai Massage

The technique used in this massage stretches and pulls the areas of your neck and back.

What It Does

The oils that are used in this massage reduce friction. It improves blood circulation and relieves pain and muscle strain. As it eases muscle pain, insomnia begins to lessen and  endorphins (chemicals that help improve mental health) are released.

Since massage therapy has proven to be effective in reducing pain -without any side effects, it is becoming popular among all cultures. This method provides people with a healthy body and even healthier mind.

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