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Healing the Gut – 5 Foods to Help with Digestion

The digestive system, also known as the gut is a delicate system of crucial organs that help in food digestion and fighting off diseases. The stomach, a part of the gut system  that secretes important enzymes and acids to disinfect our food and absorb essential nutrients while protecting your body from harmful diseases and infections.

A bad or leaky gut is the single-most important cause of just about any problem in the body. Acne is a common upshot of inner inflammation and an excess of bad bacteria. It’s safe to say that healing the gut ultimately heals every illness. Serving as a building block to your health and well being, our digestive system is extremely sensitive. Any food that offsets its balance can cause the body to develop gastrointestinal problems, eventually aggravating to worse health issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Alternatively, eating nutritious food in the right amount while making sure your meals are digested properly can create a healthy environment for the gut to function.

Here are 5 extremely healthy, warming foods that work to stimulate digestion

1.    Steamed Veggies

Cut up some colorful vegetables and lightly steam them in a little garlic and butter. You can have a bowl alongside a light meal or on its own. Beetroot, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, and butternut squash are good sources of antioxidants and nutrients that help the gut digest food faster. They can also increase nutrition absorption. You may even bake and pan-roast the veggies to enhance the taste.

2.    Oatmeal Porridge

A traditional breakfast dish, a delicious warm bowl of oatmeal can improve your digestive health. The gut bacteria cause the oats to ferment and improve the microbial health of the body. Oatmeal is rich in essential proteins, vitamins, fibers, and phytochemicals that helps remove toxins from the gut.

Sprinkle a few chia and flax seeds along with a little bit of maple syrup for a wholesome breakfast meal.

3.    Miso Soup

A Japanese stock, Miso soup is incredibly rich in probiotics necessary to encourage good bacteria in the gut. As a fermented food, Miso produces healthy enzymes for easier digestion. Your intestinal flora can benefit greatly because the probiotics help synthesize essential vitamins like B12 and boost metabolism. However, because it’s extremely salty, you should consume no more than 6g daily. You can ideally choose from white, yellow, and red Miso that’s rich in flavor and color.

4.    Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water and honey on an empty stomach reaps many benefits. With whopping amounts of vitamin C, lemons also contain a fiber called pectin that serves as a food for the gut bacteria. Lemon is a good source of probiotics as well that helps improve the microbial ecosystem of our body.

5.    Almonds and Walnuts

While eaten on their own they are just as delicious, you can also crush a few almonds and walnuts and sprinkle them over your oatmeal porridge. By encouraging beneficial gut bacteria in the body, these dry fruits strengthen intestinal health.

It’s time to ditch fast-foods and allow your gut to heal with these delicious, warming foods.

For a more detailed approach to maintaining a healthy gut, give our clinic a call at (780)455-2112 or visit to book with our Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant- Alicia Miller. Lifestyle changes are the best!


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