Meg Oechslin, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach

Meg embraces a holistic approach to diet and wellness, offering guidance and support to help balance your diet, nourish your health, and achieve your goals.


Philosophy and Focus

Health-Centered: Health and nutrients are more important than weight and calories. 

Holistic: The many factors that influence food choices and eating habits will be considered.

Beyond Food: Why, where, when and how we eat,determines what, and how much we eat. 

Positive Nourishment: Is food friend or foe? Does it enrich or deplete your energy and life?

Nutritional Balance: How diversified is your diet? Variety is key.

Mindful Eating: Eating with intention and awareness promotes satiety and moderation.


Invest in your Wellness with Nutrition and Coaching

                                          Nutrition consultations are available to individuals, couples and families.

Nutrition Coaching Service Options and Fees: (Zoom online sessions are available)

1. Complimentary Phone Consultation

Meg will offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to all clinic patients interested in nutrition coaching services. This will provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss service options that best suit your needs, interests and wellness goals.


2. Fall/Winter ($95.00)

  • A 1 hour nutrition consultation (valued @ $125.00)
  • Review current food intake, eating patterns and health status
  • General recommendations and direction provided


3. Nutrition Essentials ($350.00)

Initial 1.5 hour consultation

  • Review nutrition/health/wellness goals
  • Comprehensive nutrition/diet/health assessment
  • Receive a personalized nutrition summary and plan including:

(assessment summary, specific recommendations and strategies, dietary

enhancements, meal plan ideas, resources)

Follow up visit 1 hour consultation

  • Review nutrition assessment, summary and plan
  • Prioritize goals and focus on next steps

Follow up visit 30 minute consultation

  • Ongoing support and guidance
  • Reflect on implementation of nutrition plan and goals
  • Determine next steps

4. Nutrition Creations (60 minutes @ $100.00)

  • Meal Plan Mosaic – collaborate and design menu plans together
  • Healthy Hearth Creations – tips and techniques to modify recipes with alternative, healthier ingredients to enhance nutritional value of food prepared
  • Meg’s Menu Magic – personalized meal plans created and designed to suit client’s lifestyle, preferences and nutritional/health needs.

1 week meal plan - $95.00
2 week meal plan - $150.00
4 week meal plan - $250.00


5. Nutrition Tours (60 minutes @ $100.00)

A customized guided grocery store tour to help navigate your way through the abundance of food choices, nutrition labels and health claims.


6. Follow up Nutrition Coaching (30 minutes @ $50.00/60 minutes @ $95.00

Ongoing Guidance and support : Review food journal : Address challenges/questions                                          Adapt/create new menu plans : Celebrate successes :  Modify recipes


 Nutrition Coaching Empowers You To…

Eat more mindfully
Keep the FUN in food
EnJoy cooking and baking
Plan healthy meals for your family
Add variety and “spice” to your diet
Create a harmonious relationship with food
Nourish your way to a healthier you!

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