Post –Acupuncture Treatment- Take Care Of Yourself

The motto that every person should have in his or her mind after an acupuncture treatment is “be good to yourself”. Although this may sound extremely vague, many acupuncturists suggest this to their patients.

Since acupuncture is known to “get things moving” in your body, it can cause your body to react in ways it might have never before.

As a result, you need to let these experiences occur, which is why you need to calm down and see how things go.

Many people may be wondering, “How can I be good to myself?” Well, it is simple. Follow the steps stated below and you will know how you can and how you should take care of yourself after your acupuncture treatment.

Plenty of Rest

Resting does not mean that you need to take naps all day or lie down. It simply means that you need to go easy on yourself. Avoid things like walking up six stories, babysitting pets and children, or going for a 3-mile run.

Try not to stay up too late. There are many people who get a kick of energy after their acupuncture treatment, but it is better to save it rather than drain it. By resting, you let your emotional and physical restoration take place.

Light Exercise

People are curious to know if they can work out after getting acupuncture done. Light exercises such as gradual and slow movements are good after a session. However, if you are a runner, you must walk. Whatever method of exercise you perform must be done at the beginner level.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Coffee

This is said for two reasons. The first one is that after an acupuncture treatment, you need to stay as hydrated as you can so that the toxins can be eliminated from your system.

When you are hydrated, you will successfully flush out all the toxins. Alcohol and coffee both cause the body to dehydrate, which is why they need to be avoided after an acupuncture treatment.

The second reason is that these liquids have the ability to irritate your body’s awareness. The goal of acupuncture treatment is to make you more aware of how you are feeling and provide you with clarity.

Alcohol and coffee have the ability to impair your senses, causing the acupuncture benefits to be minimized. You do not need to completely cut these two substances out of your life, but it is recommended to avoid them for a few days.

Indulge in Good Food

Acupuncture will be taking the toxins out of your body, which is why you should not put them back into your system by eating junk foods. You must avoid sugary and processed foods. Opt for foods that are known for their healing ability. Go for foods that will make you feel healthy and nourished.

Now that you are aware of acupuncture post care, you must make sure you follow it. It is important to take good care of yourself especially after a treatment like acupuncture. Our Edmonton Clinic has registered acupuncturists on staff to meet your needs. Give our clinic a call @ 780-455-2112 to book your appointment today.

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