How Acupuncture Helps Athletes

Acupuncture is a fantastic therapy for athletes, but that does not mean that others cannot gain from its benefits. Whether you are a devoted yogi, a gym rat or a marathoner, acupuncture has the ability to improve your performance while providing you exceptional health benefits.

Two in One Benefit

Acupuncture is highly recommended and effective for any sport injuries as it eases pain, speeds up the recovery process and improves range of motion. This is done by minimizing the inflammation, bruising, and swelling caused by the injury. Acupuncture allows the muscles to relax and relieves spasms, which leads to lowering the body’s pain responses and helps with blood circulation.

Studies prove the benefits of Acupuncture

Studies have showed that acupuncture can remove all types of pain, ranging from neck pain to shoulder pain and any chronic pains. In addition, the World Health Organization states that acupuncture is a safe and effective way of treating injuries, alleviating acute & chronic pains and any orthopedic conditions. In this case, it is a fantastic option for athletes as their bodies are always in use and can suffer from wear and tear.

Acupuncture naturally boosts energy levels, helps with post-workout recovery and can visibly improve the performance levels of any athlete. Athletes who make acupuncture a part of their regular training regime get better results, are prone to lesser injuries. This means athletes can have more fun when they are playing their sport.

4 Benefits of Acupuncture

1.      Lessens Anxiety and Stress

Athletes often are stressed before a big race or feel anxious before a big game; therefore, acupuncture is a healthy resort. Acupuncture has the ability to balance the mind and lower anxiety and stress levels.

2.      Improves Sleep

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way of solving sleep-related problems. Getting acupuncture regularly can be helpful, as it will make you feel well rested and energized.

3.      Stronger Immune System

Studies have showed that acupuncture improves the functions of immune cells. It increases the production of T-cells that destroy bacteria and defends the body against viruses.

4.      Increases Awareness

People that get acupuncture feel more aware of their body, mind and emotions at deeper and subtler levels. Being mindful about you and your surroundings is a key trait that every athlete must have on and off the field.

Consider adding acupuncture to help support your training activities. Our clinic offers acupuncture to help solve an array of problems. To book an appointment call 780-455-2112 today.

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