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Acupuncture Therapy – Myths and Misconceptions Busted

Every person you ask will give you different information – right or wrong – about acupuncture therapy. This alternative medication has been around for more than 3,500 years. It has proven to be a cure for thousands of people around the world. But with such a therapy, a therapy that is relatively unknown in these parts of the world, many questions arise.

Let’s Bust All the Myths and Misconceptions

1.    “We are About Talking Needles – It Must Hurt.”

The thought of needles piercing through your skin can sound intimidating, but the needles that are used are very fine. They are the size of a cat whisker. The initial prick may feel like a mosquito bite, which is not always felt by everyone. In case of discomfort, you need to know that the pain will ease as the acupuncturist starts to adjust the needles. Once the pain has faded, a feeling of peace will take over you. When you being to feel the Qi sensation, it means your body is healing!

2.    “There Is No Scientific Reasoning behind It”

Acupuncture therapy has been categorized as folk medicine over the years because its drug free and has a noninvasive nature. Now, doctors around the world are using acupuncture as an alternative method to medicinal treatments. What people disregard is that not all natural alternatives need scientific reasoning. Acupuncture is the most natural way to treat certain problems without having the need to take many different medicines.

3.    “If The Results Does Not Show After One Treatment Then It Is Not Working”

People tend to ignore the fact that everyone has different responses to different stimuli. If someone is giving a good response to the first or second treatment, does not mean that everyone will. Some people need to go through the full course in order to feel the effect. Acupuncture’s effects build after every treatment. Not all acupuncturists use the same methods therefore the results may vary.

4.    “Acupuncture is Unhygienic”

A popular belief is that acupuncture therapy is unhygienic and it transmits infections to others. Opposing this popular belief, acupuncturists use separate needles for each patient. Many use disposable needles as well, so there is absolutely no chance of being infected. The USFDA checks the acupuncture needles regularly for the licensed practitioners.

5.    “It Is Going To Be Addictive”

Another belief by people is that once you start getting acupuncture treatments, you will always need to get them in order to feel good. In reality, the aim of acupuncture is to treat the problem so that you don’t need endless future treatments. For those who have chronic problems, a weekly acupuncture therapy session can do wonders.

6.    “It Will Not Fix the Problem”

Acupuncture therapy teaches your body systems to self-heal. The functions of the needle are to stimulate the parts of your body that produce painkillers so it can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, sleeping patterns and fight against illnesses.

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