acupuncture history

History of Acupuncture

A look at acupuncture history will take you back 8000 years. Acupuncture is one of the earliest forms of healing that has been recorded in history. It is an ancient Chinese tradition that is performed to alleviate pain through the insertion of fine needles. These needles would be placed in specific parts of the body to treat a particular type of pain. Today, acupuncture is becoming more and more recognized by western medical doctors.

Where it Started

Acupuncture related philosophy goes back to over 8000 years. The people of that era meditated often and always tried to find the energy that flows within. They were eager to figure out a man’s relation with his surrounding and the universe.

Although, there were many wise men, the legend of that era was Fu Hsi. He observed nature and came up with the idea of the “first two symbols.” These symbols are the broken line and the unbroken line. They both represent the biggest forces in the universe that are “creation and reception.” Later, the name yin-yang was given to these symbols. Fu Hsi discovered that when yin and yang come together, they could create a third force.

After this discovery, China went through the Stone Age. During the Stone Age, stones were made into fine needles that were used as healing tools. These find needles were named bian stone, which meant “sharp edged stone to treat diseases.” In present day, these stones have been refined and modernized.

Acupuncture Milestone

The most significant moment in acupuncture history occurred during the period of Huang Di. During this period, Huang Di and his physician discussed Chinese Medical Arts. Later, their conversations became monumental and spread all over China rapidly.

As time progressed, the stones were refined to metal needles. Back in 113B.C., five silver needles and four gold needles were found in an ancient tomb. Another milestone for acupuncture was when the compilation of Nan Jing was done. This book discussed the hara diagnosis, five-element theory, eight extra meridians, and other acupuncture related topics.

Brief Timeline

  • 260-265 A.D- Huang Fu MI (physician) organized theories related to acupuncture and acupuncture points. His book was the most influential text ever used in the history of Chinese Medicine.
  • 265-581 A.D- All the different dynasties that were ruling added to acupuncture and gave more knowledge to future generations.
  • Sui (581-618 A.D) and Tang (618-907 A.D) – During this time, many acupuncture texts were revised and finalized. Due to the knowledge, acupuncture schools starting appearing and it became a part of the course for those who were studying medicine.
  • After the Sui and Tang Dynasty, other dynasties just added information and refined the techniques of acupuncture.
  • Present day- Acupuncture plays an important role in healing and it has proven to show effective results. Doctors have started to recommend acupuncture because of the benefits it provides to individuals.

Acupuncture is a practice that has been proven to provide people with many health related  benefits and pain relief. It is safe as it has no side effects and it has the ability to work with most treatments.

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