3 Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics in Edmonton


Custom orthotics are custom made insoles that fit into your shoe and provides support and corrective positioning for your feet. These helpful devices do more than just provide cushioning to aching feet. Here are 3 benefits of custom orthotics to consider.



  1. Reduced Pain Throughout the Body
    Feet are very important because they help to support the entire body, and if the delicate bones, muscles, joints, and tendons in the feet are misaligned, it can be very uncomfortable. Custom orthotics help to adjust a person’s natural standing position, so they reduce foot, knee, back, and hip pain. This assistance is very useful for people who have pain due to long periods of standing or walking.


  1. Increased Athletic Performance
    As feet pound on the hard ground, they can become damaged. Many runners and other athletes use custom orthotics to position and protect feet from injuries. When the feet are correctly aligned with orthotics, it is possible to move around with greater ease and safety.


  1. Prevention of Diabetes-Induced Damage
    The high blood sugar levels of patients with diabetes frequently damages the nerves in the feet, causing diabetic neuropathy. When diabetes patients cannot feel their feet, they tend to accidentally leave them in positions that can cause structural damage and strain throughout the body. Custom orthotics help to correctly position the feet prevent further problems from occurring.


Custom orthotics are a great way to support your feet and body  along with many other useful options. To further reduce joint and muscle pain with custom orthotics, call [sc name=”tel-ocwc”] to book an appointment at Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic today.

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