Preventing Back to School Backpack Pain

It’s that time of year again; time to get the kids ready and send them back to school. This includes a new backpack. Choosing the right backpack and using it correctly prevents injury and provides comfort while easily carrying school books and supplies.

The Right Backpack for Your Child


Carrying a backpack can cause pain and discomfort. The repeated strain can cause injury to the neck, back, and shoulders. In order to avoid injury, it’s important to choose a backpack that is the appropriate size for your child. You should look for backpacks with two, evenly-spaced, wide and padded straps. Finding one with a padded back and a waist strap will provide extra support and comfort for your child.

Keeping it Light


If your child carries a heavy load of books back and forth this year, you may want to consider buying them a backpack with wheels. This feature keeps the heavy weight off of their back and helps to prevent backpack-related injury. If they will be carrying a backpack, suggest that they carry some of their books in their arms to evenly balance out the weight. Remind your child to visit their locker regularly to exchange books instead of carrying their full load all day.

How to Prevent Injury


Be certain that your child always uses both shoulder straps. Tighten the straps to keep the backpack close to the back. A crossbody bag is another great option. Teach them to always place heavier items low and towards the center of the bag. Remind your child to never suffer through carrying the backpack if it is too heavy. They should pack only what they need into their backpack. Remind your child to always bend at the knees to properly lift the backpack.

If your child is complaining of back, neck, or shoulder pain it could be a sign that their backpack is too heavy or being carried improperly. If the pain continues or worsens you should seek treatment. Make them an appointment with Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic by calling [sc name=”tel-ocwc”] today.

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