Rules of Getting Massages

Although, you will be opting for a massage to get ultimate relaxation, there still are a few responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to be vocal about your experience so you can get the maximum benefits out of this session.

You need to tell your masseuse if it feels good or if the pressure needs to be stronger. In addition, keep in mind, hurting is not “ok” unless you want it to hurt. Getting regular massages are supposed to relieve you from all bodily pains.

If you want the most benefits out of your massage, here are the rules you need to follow:

Slacking is Acceptable

This is your time to be relaxed and loose. Go in ultimate relaxation mode and trust your therapist. If you fall asleep, good! This means the massage was good and effective.

Keep Breathing

You have probably heard this before, but we will repeat it again. Breathing properly will definitely heighten the results you are getting. Moreover, it will make the purification process better and provide you with more relaxation. Since you will be getting regular massages, practice your breathing.

Time to Let Go

Give your body’s controller to the therapist. Give him/her the right to move your body the way they want to. You must not move until and unless you are told to.

No Thinking, Just Feeling

Go into the massage session with a clear mind. Everything floating in your mind needs to wait until the session is over. When you are in your massage room, the only thing that needs to matter is the power of feel. Moreover, if something feels uncomfortable, feel free to tell the masseuse.

“No Pain, No Gain”

Massages are not supposed to be painful. Since there will be muscle knots in your body, when the masseuse is trying to relieve them, you might feel a little pain. You just need to keep your body firm, but let your masseuse know if it gets too painful for you.

Embrace All Feelings

People feel all kinds of emotions during their massage sessions. While some laugh, others tend to cry. If this happens, this means that your emotional tensions are also being relieved.

Be Vocal

When you are getting your massage, you are in charge. If you feel that there need to be adjustments made, make sure you are vocal about it. Your masseuse will be waiting for your feedback, so do not be shy.


You must be placed in a position that enables utmost relaxation. No need to bend your body or be on one side, you just need to be comfortable. Although, sometimes some muscles are contracted, just try to relax your body as much as you can.


With these massage rules in your mind; you will be able to get the most benefits out of one massage session. Keep in mind, if you want long-term benefits, you will need to get regular massages.

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scoliosis chiropractic benefits

How Chiropractic Benefits Sufferers of Scoliosis

Curvature of the spine, even slight, can cause pain and postural problems. When the curve is more than 10 degrees, it is considered to be scoliosis.

The primary symptom of scoliosis is a significant curvature of the spine and is the majority of cases the cause is not known. Even mild cases can cause pain and a decrease in mobility.

In more advanced cases the effects of the condition are more pronounced. Chiropractic has been a regular course of therapy for many scoliosis patients and recent studies provide even more evidence that it is highly effective and that there are many benefits to using it as a treatment.

Detection of Scoliosis in Early Stages

Typically, slight curvatures in the spine are ignored in traditional medicine. Many times scoliosis is not diagnosed until the curvature presents significant distortion, pain, or indications of structural destruction.

Chiropractic treatment enables early detection by identifying minor degrees of curvature or distortion. This essentially has the probability of detecting scoliosis at an early enough stage to halt progression of the condition or treat it before the symptoms negatively impact the patient’s mobility or quality of life.

Relieve Pain and Mobility Caused by Scoliosis

Pain and mobility can be debilitating for the scoliosis patient. While there is no solid evidence at this time that supports chiropractic as a cure for significant scoliosis but it also has not been shown to worsen the curvatures either. However, adjustments of the spine through chiropractic treatment, both pain and mobility have been shone to improve.

Studies are currently being conducted and some recent research suggests that chiropractic can significantly improve the pain and mobility caused by scoliosis, as well as help with other symptoms the patient may have.

Improvement in Cobb Angle

Cobb angle is a term used to describe the degree of spinal deformities a patient experiences. It is broadly used to describe spinal damage due to injury or disease, but it is also commonly used to describe the curvature of a scoliosis patient’s spine. This measurement is used to track progression of the condition and determine what therapies or treatments are required.

In a study published in September 2011, 28 patients were evaluated and monitored in two clinics in Michigan. All patients, ranging from age 18 to 54, had been diagnosed with scoliosis. The study involved exposing the subjects to regular, consistent multimodal chiropractic rehabilitation treatment over a period of time. Once their treatment cycle was complete, the patients were monitored or a period of 24 months.

At the conclusion of the study, the patients reported improvement in pain and mobility. Additionally, the Cobb angle of each patient as well as the level of disability improved during the treatments and at the conclusion of the treatment cycle. What was most remarkable, though, was that in the subsequent follow ups, even at the end of the study 24 months later, the patients were still reporting these improvements.

Current Studies

Charles A Lantz, D.C., Ph.D. of the Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, where he is the Director of Research, is currently involved in a research project studying the effectiveness of chiropractic for scoliosis in children. The subjects range from 9 years old to 15 years old and have been diagnosed with scoliosis at a mild to moderate level (curve is less than 25).

Lantz embarked on this project to answer a need for more research on the topic. Currently, there are few formal research endeavors regarding scoliosis and chiropractic as an effective treatment. In 1994, Lantz published an article in the October issue of Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic: Research and Clinical Investigation, Volume 9, Number 4. The article, titled Conservative Management of Scoliosis, stressed Lantz’s observation that more clinical trials are needed to be conducted for adults as well as adolescents with scoliosis to study and measure how chiropractic benefits scoliosis.

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healthy eating lifestyle


Hi I’m Dr. Kent Ferguson (click here to watch video), chiropractor @ Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. Why is healthy eating as a lifestyle so important?  Well, it’s because the statistics are sobering. The typical Canadian diet far exceeds the daily recommended intake levels in calories from sugars, solid fats, sodium, refined grains, and saturated fat. The typical Canadian diet is also lacking in the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, and oils. The result is obesity and experts project that by 2030, in Canada alone, half of all adults will be obese.

So what do people commonly do when the weight begins to pile on? The answer is they go on a diet – and that is what gets them into trouble. What people should consider instead is a change of lifestyle.

When you make the life changing commitment to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle you open yourself up to a world of better health, more energy, and better focus. Your body will heal faster and you will feel better.

A healthy eating lifestyle involves a regular diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fresh fish, along with lots of water. Healthy eating as a way of life is far healthier than temporary diets that are out there and more effective too.

Making significant lifestyle changes related to food can be very difficult for many people to accomplish for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is lack of knowledge to understand the best first steps to take. That’s where a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner can be helpful.  A Holistic Nutritional Practitioner can help you develop a diet to meet your needs that is specific to you.

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Post –Acupuncture Treatment- Take Care Of Yourself

The motto that every person should have in his or her mind after an acupuncture treatment is “be good to yourself”. Although this may sound extremely vague, many acupuncturists suggest this to their patients.

Since acupuncture is known to “get things moving” in your body, it can cause your body to react in ways it might have never before.

As a result, you need to let these experiences occur, which is why you need to calm down and see how things go.

Many people may be wondering, “How can I be good to myself?” Well, it is simple. Follow the steps stated below and you will know how you can and how you should take care of yourself after your acupuncture treatment.

Plenty of Rest

Resting does not mean that you need to take naps all day or lie down. It simply means that you need to go easy on yourself. Avoid things like walking up six stories, babysitting pets and children, or going for a 3-mile run.

Try not to stay up too late. There are many people who get a kick of energy after their acupuncture treatment, but it is better to save it rather than drain it. By resting, you let your emotional and physical restoration take place.

Light Exercise

People are curious to know if they can work out after getting acupuncture done. Light exercises such as gradual and slow movements are good after a session. However, if you are a runner, you must walk. Whatever method of exercise you perform must be done at the beginner level.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Coffee

This is said for two reasons. The first one is that after an acupuncture treatment, you need to stay as hydrated as you can so that the toxins can be eliminated from your system.

When you are hydrated, you will successfully flush out all the toxins. Alcohol and coffee both cause the body to dehydrate, which is why they need to be avoided after an acupuncture treatment.

The second reason is that these liquids have the ability to irritate your body’s awareness. The goal of acupuncture treatment is to make you more aware of how you are feeling and provide you with clarity.

Alcohol and coffee have the ability to impair your senses, causing the acupuncture benefits to be minimized. You do not need to completely cut these two substances out of your life, but it is recommended to avoid them for a few days.

Indulge in Good Food

Acupuncture will be taking the toxins out of your body, which is why you should not put them back into your system by eating junk foods. You must avoid sugary and processed foods. Opt for foods that are known for their healing ability. Go for foods that will make you feel healthy and nourished.

Now that you are aware of acupuncture post care, you must make sure you follow it. It is important to take good care of yourself especially after a treatment like acupuncture. Our Edmonton Clinic has registered acupuncturists on staff to meet your needs. Give our clinic a call @ 780-455-2112 to book your appointment today.

Determining What Massage You Need

The best way to relax –on any given day- would be by getting a massage from licensed massage therapists as it will promote your body to heal naturally and relieve tensions, tightness, and soreness in your muscles. Although, individuals may think all massages are the same, it is not quite the case.

There are different types of licensed massage therapists as well as different massage types. Therefore, depending on your issues, preferences and needs, you need to pick a suitable massage. Below we have provided you with the common massage options to make it easier for you to determine which one you need.

Deep Tissue Massage (Thai Massage)

This massage is recommended for those that have irritating pain and tightness in their body. This type of massage is done by putting strong and firm pressure directly onto the muscles to release all the tight knots and tensions within your body.

You will need to drink plenty of water after it is done because the intensity of the massage often leaves individuals feeling dehydrated.

Acupressure Massage

The purpose of this massage is to apply pressure onto the pressure points of your body. The theory behind this type of massage is that “healing energies” are released when these pressure points are stressed on.

Since there is pressure being applied to your pressure points, it can feel uncomfortable. This massage will not be suitable for you if you are in search of a spa-like experience. It is ideal for those that want to promote their body’s natural healing ability and release all tension.

Orthopedic Massage

This massage is used as rehabilitation for those who have been injured. It focuses on one area of the body or the injury. This massage is a combination of stretching and massaging the body to promote the ranges of motion and strengthen the body while allowing the body to relieve pain and heal by its self.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage has become a popular option in spas and healthcare offices. It combines the use of pressure and heat so it can provide relaxation to the muscles and promote healing. The hot stones are strategically placed on top of the body so muscles can unwind and relax. When pressure gets added, this massage can be a little uncomfortable.

Swedish Massage

This massage is considered “basic.” The reason is that people opt for this massage because it provides full relaxation. There are multiple essential oils and body lotions lathered onto your body to give you ultimate relaxation. The massage therapists apply pressure in different intensities so if you want it can be extremely relaxing. If you are in search of a proper spa experience, then you should opt for this massage.

When you are looking for a massage, make sure you keep these massages in mind. When you are aware of your massage goals, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable massage.

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How Chiropractic Helps Those That Suffer From Migraine Headaches

If you’ve ever had a migraine you know that it’s more than just a headache. The debilitating pain can be accompanied by nausea and other symptoms – and it’s more common than you may think.

It is estimated that 18 percent of women suffer from migraines while 6 percent of men are migraine sufferers. It most commonly affects people who are between the ages of 25 and 55, but even young children have been diagnosed. Migraines can stop you in your tracks, but there are treatments that can help. Chiropractic care has been shown to help ease the pain, intensity, and frequency of migraines.

What is a Migraine?

Migraines are vicious headaches that can last several minutes to several hours or even days. It is characterized by intense pulsing or a throbbing sensation that is typically confined to one area of the head. It is often accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. The pain can be so severe that you can barely function. Many people find themselves confined to bed in a darkened room, waiting for it to pass.

Many times migraine sufferers report experiencing an aura, or sensory warning symptoms, such as strange smells, blind spots, flashes of light, or tingling in your leg or arm. They also tend to run in families. If one parent is a migraine sufferer the child has a 40 percent chance of having migraines as well. If both parents get migraines that chance jumps to 90 percent. It is the 8th most debilitating illness on a global scale.

For the most part, doctors do not know much about what causes migraines. However, there are some things that have been identified as migraine triggers:

  • Hormonal changes – at certain times during the month, women experience fluctuations in estrogen which can trigger migraines
  • Oral contraceptives – medications that change or replace hormones can make headaches worse
  • Certain foods – processed foods, MSG, salty foods, aged cheeses
  • Fasting or skipping meals
  • Aspartame
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Sensory overstimulation
  • Dehydration
  • Intense physical exertion
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Medications

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Migraine Sufferers

Many doctors believe that headaches and migraines may be caused by a spine that is out of alignment. When your spine is misaligned your entire body suffers. It can irritate the nerves that run from the brain to the spine causing a headache. Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the pain of migraines. In fact, many people report a distinct difference after just one session.

A Doctor of Chiropractic will align your spine and work with you to create a wellness plan that includes lifestyle changes and diet. Making changes to your sleep patterns and eliminating certain foods from your diet can help prevent migraines. By creating a whole body wellness program, you and your chiropractor can not only help prevent your migraines, but other health conditions as well.

Your chiropractor may also recommend that you keep a journal to help you pinpoint your own unique migraine triggers. You will record the foods you eat, environmental factors that may affect you, stressors, and sleep patterns, as well as when you have migraines, how long they last, and their severity. By tracking these things, you can determine what may be causing your migraines and make adjustments to your lifestyle, thus preventing them. Incorporating chiropractic care as part of your whole body maintenance, as well as migraine prevention, can help you stave off these headaches so you can get on with your life.

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