Pain Relief Tools

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Below are some fantastic tools to help make 2013 a truly healthy new year for you and your loved ones…

Any great health & wellness plan here in Edmonton is not just about regular visits to your friendly neighbourhood Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or Massage Therapist.  There are numerous smart choices and tiny changes in habits you can make to prevent some of the reoccurring problems that surface.

At OCWC we’ve done hours of research to find the highest quality pain relief and prevention tools to keep you operating at full capacity.

Below are some of our bestsellers and the ones we love to recommend.

Sit Discs & The Evo Chair

Most people spend over 8 hours per day sitting down or sedentary, not including sleep. This type of lifestyle because of poor posture and chairs can cause weak backs and hips. The sit disk & Evo chair are a great way to combat this fatigue and engage your core more during the day. Plus they’re fun to bounce on!

Foam Roller

The foam roller is great at stretching out and relieving any tight muscles or tissues. Use it while you’re watching television or relaxing at the end of your day.

Pressure Point Tool

This is a great tool to keep at the office or home to relieve those reoccurring knots or tight muscles in your back.

Chiro Flow Water Pillow

The Chiro Flow water pillow is a great substitute for whiplash patients and neck or headache sufferers.  It’s fully adjustable bladder allows you to customize it for your needs and comfort level.

More information about the Chiro Flow pillow from the manufacturers:

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