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Pain Relief Tools

20% Off Everything on this page for the month of December!

Below are some fantastic tools to help make 2013 a truly healthy new year for you and your loved ones...
Edmonton Chiropractic Pain Relief VideoAny great health & wellness plan here in Edmonton is not just...
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The Benefits of Probiotics

The Benefits of Probiotics. What are they? And, How can they help?

High Quality Probiotics We Offer...

At OCWC we have 3 products that help promote good gut flora on sale for November.  (All products are in the capsule form.)
  1. Probiotic 50B (soy and dairy free)- this probiotic is the most potent broad...
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The 3 Most Positive Effects of Vitamin D

The 3 Most Positive

Side Effects of Vitamin D

[caption id="attachment_374" align="alignright" width="300"] Vitamin D equals Smiling Face![/caption] Vitamin D has some extremely positive effects on not only our body but our moods as well. While it's true that the sun is our best source of...
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How Much Vitamin C Do You Need? [Video]

How Much Vitamin C Do You Need?

[caption id="attachment_353" align="alignright" width="300"]Some of the best sources of Vitamin C. Just a sampling of some great sources of Vitamin C. Unfortunately, we need to eat a lot of fruits and veggies to get our daily...
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Summer Sandal Special

Call us to see if we have any of the different styles available in your size or to ask questions: 780.455.2112 The "Make Your Feet Happy" sale ends at the end of August......
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