The Benefits of Probiotics

The Benefits of Probiotics.
What are they? And, How can they help?

High Quality Probiotics We Offer…

At OCWC we have 3 products that help promote good gut flora on sale for November.  (All products are in the capsule form.)

  1. Probiotic 50B (soy and dairy free)– this probiotic is the most potent broad spectrum product available. And is only available through registered clinics.  It is appropriate for severe cases.
  2. Probiotic–5 (dairy–free) – this is not as potent as the 50B formula and is great for maintaining good flora.
  3. Genuine Health Greens – this product is a great overall wellness supplement containing a low dose of probiotics to help maintain healthy digestion while providing the alkalizing benefits of green vegetables along with fibre to cleanse the bowels. This product is great to increase your energy, especially if you don’t get enough green veggies in your diet!! (Note: we sell only the capsules.)

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The 3 Most Positive Effects of Vitamin D

The 3 Most Positive

Side Effects of Vitamin D

Vitamin D equals Smiling Face!

Vitamin D has some extremely positive effects on not only our body but our moods as well.

While it’s true that the sun is our best source of Vitamin D.

The long term effects of too much sun exposure can cause some obvious harm to the health of our skin and possibly causing skin cancer.  A great balance between the sun and vitamin D supplementation can have a profound effect on these three key areas:

  1. Your mood and mental health.  This explains why most people feel a little ‘down in the dumps’ here in Edmonton during the winter months.  The lack of Vitamin D we’re not getting from the sun has a strong impact on our moods.  (And we definitely see those mood swings here in our Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic!)
  2. Your bones.  That’s right.  Vitamin D has a direct impact on your bodies ability to absorb calcium.  The healthier the levels of Vitamin D in your body improve your bone density and lowers the risks for unwanted injury.
  3. Your risk of disease.  Meeting your daily requirements has a direct impact on your risk of Cancer, Diabetes and a laundry list of other diseases.  Something that only takes a few seconds of time can mean so much to your overall health.

Here’s a quick video Dr. Ly recorded for you about the benefits of Vitamin D and health risks of not getting enough:

Call us (780.455.2112) to get your Vitamin D supply set aside for you or just stop by the clinic.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us or call.