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5 Nutritious Foods to Stay Healthy During Cold Season

Everyone dreads the seasonal flu that comes along in winters. A Cold can slow down and weaken your immune system. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them and even to gain strength and heal quickly.

Consuming the following nutritious foods is a good way to keep the cold at bay.

Warm Foods
No one can say no to a cup of hot cocoa on chilly mornings. There are many benefits of including warm foods in your diet. During cold season when your metabolism slows down, consuming warm foods can help you store up more energy in your body.
Steaming hot foods like soups, broths, and stews also help nasal congestion and can resolve blocked sinuses overtime. Home-cooked meals like porridges and baked casseroles are not only nutritious but leave your kitchen smelling lovely.
Ginger tea is especially good for the flu season as it soothes the throat, eases congestion, and promotes blood flow. Warm cacao milk is rich in calcium and a healthy alternative to sugary chocolate. You can also try making a golden turmeric latte with a pinch of cinnamon for an immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory drink.

Healthy Fats
Eating fats during cold season keeps you warm and insulated. But they have a bigger purpose than just insulation because fats help your body absorb key vitamins like A, D, E, and K. A lack of vitamin D naturally weakens your immunity so you become more susceptible to illnesses.
Healthy fats like nuts, fish, tofu, and roasted meat are good additions in your diet to quickly heal from flu and stay fit. A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil daily is good tonic to ward off seasonal flu and enhance immunity.

Hydrating Foods
During winters, because the appetite slows down you may not eat much and as a result forget to hydrate yourself as well. Cold seasons are usually spent lazing away in your bed hence even pouring yourself a glass of water may seem like an effort.
Therefore, it’s important to eat foods that are rich in water content to keep you hydrated during flu season. Having sweet juicy fruits, warm milk, and teas are good sources to retain moisture in the body even when you’re not drinking enough water. You can trade coffee with hot cider – an alkaline drink that works to kill viruses and bacteria in the body.

Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Lemons and oranges that are packed with Vitamin C are natural immune-boosting foods to fight flu and colds. You should ideally include citrus fruits like kiwi, tangerines, and pomegranates in your diet for a healthy diet.
Having warm lemon water with a teaspoon of honey can significantly reduce the length of a cold. Take them with foods that are high in folate like eggs, legumes, and leafy greens to effectively treat colds.

Foods Abundant in Zinc
Seafood is a good source of zinc. Eating wild salmon, oysters, and red meat from time to time can strengthen your immunity overtime and protect you against seasonal flu. Oatmeals, baked beans, and almonds are not just high in zinc but are equally warming for your body.

Start adding these foods to your diet right now to ensure that your immune system is ready to take on the challenges that come with colder weather.

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