Back Pain? Chiropractor or Massage Therapist?

Anyone who has suffered moderate to severe back pain knows it can range from discomfort to absolutely debilitating. Many people find themselves in a doctor’s office or even an Emergency room seeking quick relief of their back pain. Often they are sent home with pain pills, muscle relaxants and instructions to “take it easy.” Though the quick relief may be welcome, it does not address the root of the problem, and the false sense of relief may even make it worse.


When to Use a Massage Therapist:

• The pain is muscular in nature, possibly from overwork or stress
• The pain is caused by a muscle spasm
• The pain is not chronic or debilitating
• You do not have a history of back pain


A Massage Therapist will be able to increase the blood flow that will help stop a spasm and loosen the muscles to promote faster healing.


When to Use a Chiropractor:

• There is a notable problem with body alignment
• Your posture or mobility is impacted
• The pain is caused by an injury or accident
• The pain is caused by repetitive motion-(office workers and musicians are prime candidates)
• You have a history of back pain
• You have a family history of back problems, such as scoliosis


A Chiropractor will help your condition long term with proper diagnosis, alignment and adjustment techniques and provide you with at home exercises to help manage your condition. He may also inform you of what exercises and activities to avoid to aid in your recovery. If you follow the prescribed program, your Chiropractor provides, you will also help prevent further occurrences.


We all experience occasional aches and pains and sometimes a hot bath and a good night’s sleep is all that is needed. But if the pain continues or increases it is best to seek help from a professional. Start your recovery today!


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