Pericardium 7

How does acupuncture work? It’s really quite fascinating.

Point Feature: PC7- Pericardium 7 (Daling)

This point is a dual action point in that it’s great for treating both mental and physical concerns. Firstly, it is the key point to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The location of the needle is on the palmar side of the wrist directly at the wrist crease. When needling for carpal tunnel issues, you needle directly into the carpal sheath (towards the palm of the hand) which is the source of pain and inflammation in carpal tunnel syndrome. The relief with carpal tunnel is so significant that many patients who had previously been scheduled for surgery to cut the sheath have fully recovered after a series of acupuncture treatments! In terms of addressing mental health concerns with PC7, this point is used in combination with other points to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. It is especially helpful if you have palpitations and tightness in the chest triggered by stress/anxiety.

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