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How Acupuncture Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Acupuncture treament has become a popular health improvement for many people because of how safe and effective it is for people of all ages. The best part is that acupuncture treatment has benefits that are known to make your quality of life better. Despite your gender or health status, all people can get the benefits from this practice and improve their life on a daily basis.

Here is how acupuncture treatment can improve your life on a daily basis:

Feeling Happier Without a Reason

The insertion of fine needles will release endorphins (these are the “natural feel-good” chemicals) in your body. Some people feel so relaxed that they tend to fall asleep while during their treatment , while others feel “euphoric” afterwards. These effects occur due to the  release of oxytocin (this hormone is known to regulate the nervous system).

Improve Your Sleep

Some acupuncture points are known to “relieve insomnia” and promote better sleep. Some Individuals who suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep know the effects of poor sleep impacts their everyday lives. Acupuncture treatments along with lifestyle modifications can help improve the quality of your sleep.

Strengthen the Immune System

Many people talk about how they are prone to catching colds and flues. Acupuncture  treatments are known to strengthen your protective qi (wei qi) so your body can combat invading pathogens. Studies have proven that acupuncture can increase the production of white blood cells causing it to protect itself from bacterium and viruses.

Relieve Chronic Pains

Acupuncture treatments help to release endorphins throughout your body.  As endorphins are released in your body, they begin to work on all the pains of your body. When the fine acupuncture needles are inserted into your body, they start to treat the energy blockages and imbalances present in your body.

Treatment without Side Effects

Medication that is available these days tends to give instant results and dangerous side effects that –in the long run- can make the original symptoms worse. Opting for acupuncture therapy will have no negative side effects, other than a few bruises that tend to clear up in two or so days.

Change Your Outlook on Life

Acupuncture treatment has the ability to make people feel more positive and grateful as it can stimulate the “deep connections to your body.” Simply by clearing blockages in your body, you will be eliminating the internal obstacles that have been restricting you from reaching your true potential. By feeling happier and having a clear mindset, individuals tend to be more successful in achieving their goals.


Getting acupuncture treatment can be extremely beneficial, which is why so many people have started to opt for it. If you want to gain these benefits, give our office a call @ 780-455-2112 to book your appointment today. Check out our website @ for more information on our clinic.

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  1. Dennis Sanchez
    Dennis Sanchez says:

    Thank you for sharing this information on acupuncture! I never knew that during acupuncture, endorphins are released into the body and that they help reduce pain. My wife has been having back pain, so I will suggest that she go see a chiropractor!

  2. Leviticus Bennett
    Leviticus Bennett says:

    It’s great to know that the insertion of needles into your body can actually release endorphins. I wonder what other hormones can be stimulated by acupuncture. It’s truly a fascinating profession and topic.


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