Custom Orthotic Ordering and Fitting

Hi, Dr. Kent Ferguson here from Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. Our Chiropractic wellness clinic provides many services to help you keep moving in life. Providing a quality custom orthotic is just one of those services. (Click here to watch Video)

Custom orthotics can provide many benefits. They provide many benefits because they support deficiencies in your foot/ankle posture and biomechanics. When your foot and ankle aren’t properly aligned you may experience localized foot pain, knee or leg pain, as well as hip or back pain.(Benefits of Custom Orthotics For Your Shoes)

We see many types of health concerns in our office. For many of our patient custom orthotics is an important part of their overall treatment plan. We also have many people that search us out specifically for our orthotics. When asked why they choose our clinic, their response typically comes down to our thorough 3 fold process of consultation, examination and casting.

STEP 1 – Consultation 

Before you are fitted for custom orthotics our doctors consult with you. Our consultation is necessary to fully understand your problem. Also, a thorough consultation will point to possible causes of your problems. Understanding possible causes allows you to consider lifestyle or habit modifications so that you can experience the maximum benefits of your orthotics

STEP 2 – Examination 

Before you are fitted for your custom orthotic our doctors will perform the appropriate examination to assess your concerns.  An examination is needed in order to understand the specific modifications necessary for your custom orthotic.

STEP 3 – Fitting 

Our clinic has partnered with The Orthotic Group to provide quality custom foot orthotics. Our clinic utilizes a foam casting method when gaining an impression of the your feet. Your foam cast is then laser scanned in order to manufacture your custom orthotic.

If you’re in the market for custom orthotics, give our office a call and our helpful staff will find an appointment time that works for you.  Check out our website @ to learn more about our custom orthotic service. Thanks for watching. Take care.


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