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Alternative Therapy for Arthritis – Get a Massage

As time has evolved, more and more people have started to resort to massage therapy as a way of getting rid of arthritis pains. For those who are unaware, massage therapy is best for those who have joint stiffness or inflammations as this can make sure all these problems vanish. However, one may wonder how massage can be the best way to fix arthritis issues the answer is simple. Read on to find out.

Overview on Massages

Massaging is one of the oldest arts used for healing. It was first practiced by the Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians and later brought to the US. When an individual gets a massage, the massage therapist has to press, rub, knead, and manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the body.

Since it has been around for so long, there are over 250 massage techniques; however, most therapists use one of the more basic ones. There are many different kinds of massages that have been invented. One form is known as the Swedish massage, which entails the use of long strokes that are supposed to calm the body. When the body is relaxed, the therapist begins to focus on the parts that are the stiffest. Another popular form is the deep tissue massage where a strong pressure is applied to soothe the deepest layers of the tissue. Then there are Asian methods that are called shiatsu or acupressure – these involve rubbing body parts until there is a positive response.

How It Helps With Arthritis


The number one thing that can be achieved by massage therapy is relaxation because massage is supposed to make the body feel good. Many therapists call massage the “Comfort Touch” as it uses slow yet steady pressurized movements to remove any tensions in the body. Some people say that massage has the tendency to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system as it allows the body to restore its energy. The flight or fight response is switched, the heartbeat slows down, and muscle tension is better.

Changes in Circulation

Although the mechanism is not completely understood, massage has been proven to promote the flow of lymph in the body – a liquid that goes around the body and with its presence in the cells, your body can fight diseases and infections. During a massage, the circulation increases, this can cause certain people to feel cooler during massages because the blood pressure is lowered.

Better Joint Movements

Apart from providing complete pain relief, massage therapy can help with joint movements. When direct pressure is applied, massage therapy can cause mobility in connective tissues, and muscles to improve. Therefore, for those who are suffering from arthritis, massage will allow their joints to be better and lessen the stiffness in their ligaments, tendons, and muscles.


Luckily, those who were hopeless with their arthritis condition can now get instant relief with the help of massage therapy.

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