Feel Better and Improve Well-being with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage in EdmontonGetting a massage can be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. While there are different types of massage, a deep tissue massage has many benefits for both your mood and your health.

Reduces Stress

When muscles are manipulated during a massage, it helps to release any tension that has built up in the affected muscles. A deep tissue massage can get to underlying areas to help reduce stress. This type of manipulation has been shown in research studies to lower both blood pressure and heart rate for increased relaxation. Deep tissue massage can also lower cortisol levels in the body to reduce stress.

Improves Mood

During a deep tissue massage, the stimulation of the muscles causes the brain to release certain feel-good chemicals, such as oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones are known to promote overall good feelings to reduce anxiety and depression. These chemicals can also promote relaxation, which can help to reduce insomnia and to improve your sleep.

Decreases Chronic Pain

With a deep tissue massage, underlying muscle tension is alleviated. As the muscles relax, any pull on connective tissue is also eased, thereby helping to reduce related joint pain. Additionally, this massage technique helps to reduce inflammation to help in pain reduction.

Promotes Healing

With a deep tissue massage comes an increase in circulation. This allows for greater blood flow to any injured areas of the body to promote healing. Toxins are released, which can also help to reduce inflammation and pain. Deep tissue massage also allows for proper drainage of the lymphatic system. Continued therapy sessions can also break down and remove painful scar tissue from the body.

A deep tissue massage involves direct touch and can be a calming, relaxing experience. You can enjoy the health and wellness benefits associated with a deep tissue massage. Simply call Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic at [sc name=”tel-ocwc”] to book your appointment.