As a long suffering patient of back pain, sciatic nerve damage and general spine deterioration, I had sought many different types of remedies. These included self treatment with pain killers, acupuncture, IMS and was even considering if surgery would offer relief.

Fortunately my daughter and husband convinced me to give Chiropractic in general, and your clinic a try.

I have been thrilled about the level of care offered by your clinic. In particular the amount of time you took to explain the problems that I was facing and the results that might be achieved.

Since my initial visit and the subsequent sessions, my overall physical condition has changed dramatically for the better. I am sleeping throughout the night, waking up more refreshed and with such a marked decrease in back pain that I can hardly believe it.

My only complaint is that now that I can rotate my upper body my golf game has improved and I have to keep reminding myself of the new distance my clubs can hit.

I look forward to the continuing care that I will be receiving from your clinic.

D.G., Edmonton