I retired from the University of Alberta February 1, 2018 after 41 plus years of service.  I took some time off to complete projects around my house and enjoyed a summer off working in my garden and all the festivals the city has to offer.  By the end of the summer I realized I needed to do something more especially with winter coming on so decided a part time job was in order.  An amazing part time job at the Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic caught my attention.  I try to stay healthy and truly believe in the value of a holistic approach which includes a chiropractor, massage therapist and the use of acupuncture.  This job was part time and  a perfect fit for me!

I enjoy gardening, music, movies, art projects and travel to name a few.  Working part time allows me time for my projects while working, learning and meeting new people.  I look forward to being of service to people seeking good health.