Angie Brooks is a certified Pilates instructor based out of Leduc, Alberta.  Angie has studied and practiced Pilates for the past 16 years, training under various instructors all over the globe.  As a professional acrobat, she integrated Pilates into her physical training program.  Angie has performed in various productions, touring with Disney, Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone.  Through the practice of Pilates, Angie was able to maintain a healthy and balanced body, supporting her performance schedule.  Angie also enjoys integrating Pilates to perform daily tasks.  The supportive and efficient movement creates a balance within the body.  Angie enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, assisting individuals to build a foundation, supporting them through everyday movement and assisting athletes to enhance their performance.  

As an instructor, Angie works with the body through movement, focusing on alignment and core support.  She offers modifications to assist individuals reach personal goals; engage muscles, recover from pregnancy, ease pain, age with mobility, challenge core support, find balance and control.  

At Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, Angie offers private mat, standing and modified Pilates sessions.