What is NADA Protocol?

What is NADA protocol? This month instead of one singular point we are highlighting a group of 5 ear acupoints.  This particular protocol is referred to as NADA, which stands for National Acupuncture Detox Association, named for the group that created it.

What is NADA used for?

NADA protocol is a group of 5 small needles placed in the ear which are excellent for treating stress, insomnia, depression, PTSD and can even be used for smoking cessation.

What points are stimulated?

The five points utilized are Shenmen, Sympathetic, Kidney, Liver and Lung.  The purpose of this point protocol is to down regulate the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your fight or flight response.  When your nervous system is stuck in a chronic state of flight or flight, your mood, sleep and digestion can be negatively impacted.  NADA protocol point are essentially forcing the body out of the “fight or flight” phase and into the “rest/digest” phase.

Benefit of NADA Protocol

Shifting your nervous system from chronic sympathertic stress has its benefits.  NADA protocol helps to support increasing calmness, promotes better sleep, reduces agitation, relieves stress, and reduces cravings for nicotine as well as any other symptoms associated with these conditions.  If you would like to talk more about how acupuncture can help you with these or similar concerns contact us at or 780-455-2112. To learn more about our office, check out our website @