Benefits of Regularly Seeing a Chiropractor

Benefits of Seeing a ChiropractorSome people make their first trip to a chiropractor when they experience excruciating back pain, but it's not only back pain that chiropractic adjustments treats. Because the spine is linked to the central nervous system, a wide variety of health problems are solved through adjustment of the spine. Examples of these ailments that are alleviated by chiropractic adjustments include headaches, ear infections, arthritis, asthma, neck pain, and scoliosis. Benefits of regularly seeing a chiropractor include better overall health, balanced emotional health, and enhanced sleep quality.


Better Overall Health

Many people who regularly receive chiropractic adjustments have reported they rarely or never fall ill anymore. Conditions that were supposed to pain them for the rest of their lives were completely resolved as well. Research published by New York's Preventive Medicine Institute found that people who received chiropractic care had 200% stronger immune systems than those who didn't. If spinal alignment boosts your immune system, then it makes sense why so many people who regularly see a chiropractor enjoy better overall health.


Balanced Emotional Health

Another interesting result of aligning the spine is the balance of hormones released throughout your body. This is beneficial because it improves your mood and balances emotional health. A "feel-good" hormone that is increased with an aligned spine is dopamine. Norepinephrine, a hormone important for how a person feels and how the body functions, is also released with an adjustment. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other similar emotional/mental problems sometimes experience drastic improvements from chiropractic care.


Enhanced Sleep Quality

Many Canadians today don't receive quality sleep at night and/or have developed sleeping disorders. Interestingly, chiropractic adjustments have been known to solve sleep problems. One way chiropractic adjustments help you sleep better is by reducing the hormone cortisol in your body. Cortisol spikes when your circadian rhythm is disturbed. Extended periods of high cortisol levels in your body result in a weakened immune system, reduced bone density, fat accumulation in the midsection, and impairment of the thyroid gland. Another way chiropractic adjustments help you sleep better at night is by reducing stress and improving blood flow in the nervous system.


The benefits of regularly seeing a chiropractor are so outstanding that it's worth the money. In fact, you save money in the long-run by having regular chiropractic adjustments because it greatly reduces how often you fall ill, allows the immune system to consistently function at its best, decreases hormones that enable stress-related ailments, and improves sleep quality.

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