Siok Mooi (pronounced Sue May) is a musician, loves activity and the outdoors. If she’s not taking her morning 5 K run then she’s giving her dog love and attention. Siok Mooi has been involved in the health and wellness profession for over 15 years. She graduated from Grant MacEwan’a massage therapy program in 2000.
Siok Mooi now focuses her attention on acupuncture, she completed her diploma at Grant MacEwan in 2013. She utilizes cupping, Gus sha, moxibustion, tui na, electro stimulation, bleeding, plum blossom needling, auricular therapy and TDP lamps in her treatments. Siok Mooi’s past work as a registered massage therapist gives her additional tools to address your joint and muscle concerns.
Siok welcomes new patient looking for help dealing with muscle and joint pain; pregnancy (induction, breech presentation, gestational diabetes, nausea and sciatica due to pregnancy); assisting in weight loss including post partum weight loss